La Cagouille

Seafood, wine, cognac
Since 1981

In our restaurant La Cagouille you will discover a world of seafood, fish and shellfish.

The Cagouille is moored near Montparnasse station in Paris, a district which faces towards the Atlantic.  Each day, enjoy the finest pieces of fish, the most succulent oysters, the tastiest shellfish. You’ll fall in love with our simple cuisine, which takes inspiration from the finest ingredients and the simplest of recipes. Every dish is carefully crafted, cooked to perfection and allows the marine flavours to speak for themselves.

A Parisian institution for over 30 years

André Robert took over from the founder, Gérard Allemandou at the helm of this great ship anchored in the square named after the famous sculptor Constantin Brancusi, near the Cartier-Bresson Foundation. Montparnasse has always been, and remains, a district with a strong artistic heritage.

Since 1981 the Cagouille has led the way in creative seafood cuisine in Paris, a cuisine that they have developped over time into a signature style

“After the Minchelli Brothers who created raw fish cuisine in France, Gérard Allemandou has redefined cuisine for cooked seafood. This is cooking without pretense, without artifice and above all without overcooking. It is perfect, whether fried, baked, stewed, and always with just the right amount of oil. It’s real fish!

Henri Gault from the famous Gault and Millau Guide

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